New categories

Friends, I’ve decided to focus this blog more clearly by categories so that those of you who want to follow only some of my writings, on economics say, can do so easily. I’ve added RSS feeds by category.

The main category is “Economics and Moral Philosophy” because that is how I see the subject. For me, a technical and dry tratment of economics is of no value. My more applied thoughts on leadreship, design, and other businesslike topics are under “Business, Design, and Software”. I see these two categories as an oeuvre with some aspiration to stand the set of time. The “Commentary and Politics” category is ephemeral, and I may delete what becomes too dated. Posts on Greece and the Eurozone crisis are in Commentary.

As always it gives me great pleasure to reach people with this blog. Thank you for your readership.

2 thoughts on “New categories

  1. Good to hear. But this move should not discard dry tevhnical tought as you call it : both appraoches should be there. If you do it that way you may fall into the irrational. Of course the dry technical alone is also subject to manipulation if it is not being watche by a moralist philisopher view.

  2. I’d love to reach the level of technical ability where I could contribute some result worthy of being called scientific. That standard is very high in economics, and most professional economists don’t have it. What’s common is to use formulas that have some limited or questionable truth and then ascribe too much authority to the result (selectively of course). So as an amateur I’d like to stick to moral philosophy unless ome day I could make really justifiable scientific statements.


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