Advice for life


  1. Make a conscious effort at fun! If you just work on the sensible things the fun will not happen. You need to go and get your life’s fulfilment.
  2. What others will want to do with you doesn’t depend much on your looks, your style, or how you fit in. It is almost entirely a matter of trust.
  3. Aside of things that your body is not cut for, nothing is too difficult. Everything in the world has been done by groups of ordinary people like you.
  4. The way to be strong is to care about things beyond yourself, like children, ideas, or others; not to surround yourself with things you care about.
  5. Never, under any circumstances, run out of dreams!

Others and the World:

  1. Aim to produce more value than you capture. Help others do the same. This is extremely hard to put into practice.
  2. Always try to remember what happened, not how you interpreted it at the time. Keep an accurate and long memory and go back to make sense of it later.
  3. Listen to smart people who paint a consistent picture over which they have no self interest. It’s so hard to fake this that they’re probably reporting the truth.
  4. People don’t think with their brains, they think with their ideas. Smart people carry ideas that are more consistent, accurate, and broad ranging.
  5. Everyone has to make a living and act their role. Judge people by the roles they seek and how they wear them. Don’t judge the role as if it was the person.

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